Mailing Lists


How to use the mailing lists

Anyone can send an email to the email address below, however, all emails then get forwarded to their respective departments for approval. This will prevent any abuse of these email lists. Additionally it may cause some delay in sending out email to a list. If an email is an emergency and must go out right away, please contact the department so they can make sure it gets processed quickly. Normally emails will get approved within 48 hours.

It is strongly recommended that attachments not be sent to these email lists.

These student email lists are maintained by OIT staff. In case of technical issues, please contact or visit their website at During the school year the mailing lists are updated at least once a week. During the summer they are not updated very often.


Student Mailing Lists - Append to all mailing list addresses listed below.

Department Undergraduate Graduate
All students nb_eng_undergrad nb_eng_grad
OR, instead of using an all-student list above, select only a specific subset email list below. 
Do NOT use BOTH an all-student list AND a list below, as it will create duplicate emails 
and your message will not be approved.
Applied Science eng_appsci eng_appsci_grad
Biomedical nb_eng_biomed
Bioenvironmental nb_eng_bioeng nb_eng_bioeng_grad
Material Science Engineering nb_eng_mse nb_eng_mse_grad
Chemical / Biochemical nb_eng_chemical nb_eng_chemical_grad
Civil nb_eng_civil nb_eng_civil_grad
Electrical and Computer nb_eng_ec nb_eng_ec_grad
Industrial nb_eng_ind nb_eng_ind_grad
Mechanical and Aerospace nb_eng_mech nb_eng_mech_grad
Seniors nb_soe_senior  
Juniors nb_soe_junior  
Sophomores nb_soe_sophomore  
First Years nb_soe_firstyear  
EOF/EOP nb_eng_eof  
Women nb_eng_women_undergrad  
SoE Honors Academy {Class Year} soe_honors_{Class Year}  

Faculty and Staff Mailing Lists - Append to all mailing list addresses listed below.

Department Faculty Staff
Biomedical bme_faculty  
Bio-resource bre_faculty bre_staff
Material Science Engineering mse_faculty mse_staff
Chemical / Biochemical cbe_faculty cbe_staff
Civil civ_faculty civ_staff
Electrical / Computer ece_faculty ece_staff
Industrial ie_faculty  
Mechanical and Aerospace mae_faculty mae_staff
Engineering Governing Council egc_exec  
All of engineering eng_community  
All engineering faculty eng_faculty  
All engineering staff eng_staff