General Web Hosting Information

Engineering Computing Services offers a web hosting solution for all departments, research labs, and student organizations belonging to SoE. Our web server runs Apache, MySQL, and PHP-7.1, fitting the needs of most websites. Users can host their websites from our web server but will not receive support in creating a new website from scratch (ECS does not support building websites for users however our web administrator and web developer can assist in their spare time). It is recommended that users follow the latest standard and use the Drupal CMS to create their websites. WordPress may be used but will need to be updated frequently and will not receive support since Drupal is more widely used.

To host your website on the ECS web server, please submit a ticket through our portal here and state the following in the ticket:

  1. State whether you will need access to the MySQL server, whether it be for a CMS site or for a site you are hardcoding.
  2. List the NetIDs of the users who will need access to the server.



All students are given engineering accounts at the beginning of each semester when class rosters are processed for the labs. These engineering accounts require the users' NetID as their username and a password that is particular for this account and not related to their general NetID password (required for access to myRutgers, ScarletMail, etc.). If a user forgets their password, they may change it by going to while connected to the Rutgers network. If a student does not have an account, the student must reach out to their professor to see if the professor has submitted their roster to ECS for processing. If the student still does not have an account or is not currently in a class and needs an account to access the computer labs, please go to room EN-B124A during the Fall and Spring semesters for further assistance.

Faculty and staff may also use the computer labs and will need engineering accounts to do so. If a faculty or staff member does not currently have an engineering account, they may stop by room B124A during the Fall and Spring semesters or submit a support ticket at

Additionally, the engineering account is used to access and (an alias for