How to Find Your Physical Address

Every network interface has a MAC address (Media Access Controller) also known as the physical address. This is the actual hardware address that the lowest level of the network uses to communicate. The MAC address is used to assign the TCP/IP address by means of DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protcol). For that reason, we need the MAC address of a machine so that it can be properly, and easily configured for the network.

How to determine your physical address: The physical address is an 8 byte number such as 08:00:20:9A:38:34. On Windows it will sometimes be represented with dashes between the numbers. Please always include the :'s between the numbers.

  • Linux

  • Macintosh



  • Windows
    There are several ways on Windows to get the MAC address, and often Windows will report 2 different Mac addresses. If you do see 2 address, ALWAYS pick the one that starts with 0 not the one that start with a 4.



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